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What I Can Help You With

Do you find yourself stuck doing tasks every day when you could be working on your business rather than in it?

Does your 'to do' list keep getting longer and your 'in tray' is overflowing?

Do you spend hours researching and comparing products, suppliers, venues?

Is admin overtaking your day?


Let me take care of it for you and leave you free to focus on what matters to you.

Take a look at the types of services I offer below, and get in touch to see how I can start helping your business today leaving you free to focus on other areas.

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Professional Growth
Human Resources Recruitment and People N

Admin Services

  • Research e.g. products and services and comparing costs etc.

  • Source suppliers / supplies and for best value

  • Email management

  • Correspondence e.g. reports and quotes

  • Electronic filing and organisation / decluttering

  • Proof reading

  • Organise, attend (virtually) and minute meetings

Money Saving

Renewal reminders including checking comparison sites for  all your insurances, utilities etc. making sure you're getting best value.

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HR Services

Administration of all HR processes including:


  • Prepare adverts, Job Descriptions and Person Specs

  • Collate applications

  • Help shortlist

  • Organise interviews and liaise with applicants

  • Obtain references, write offer letters

  • Carry out relevant checks

  • Maintain staff records

Staff Wellbeing​

Staff Appraisal processes

What I Can Help You With: Services
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